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Born in Derby England, from a family that emigrated from St.Lucia in the Caribbean,  Diane moved to London in the 90's to broaden her options.  Picking up an old Pentax film camera at the ripe age of 25, something clicked... that's when the journey began. 

With over 20 years experience as a professional photographer, Diane managed to turn a passion for music and her talent for portraits into a career. Shooting global artists such as Rihanna and many other artists in the world of music.  Diane is known for her iconic shots of the legendary Amy Winehouse.  The film photography of Amy, taken in 2004, before the fame kicked in, were re-introduced to the world in 2018 and have taken on a life of their own.  They have been included in many publications and books  and also played an integral role in The Design Museum, London immersive show - Amy, Beyond the Stage.

An interest in African culture lead her to get involved in a pioneering cross-cultural collaboration with Malian photographer Alioune Bâ in 2012. This work was exhibited at both the British Museum, London and the Musée de Bamako in Mali.

Diane continued to work mainly in London doing both studio and location commissions that capitalise on her skill as a people photographer.  Her style mixes fashion, editorial and social documentary, and Diane built up an impressive body of work representing key figures in London's contemporary cultural life.

The pandemic and lockdown created the new direction.

A love of nature developed and became a new subject to explore. 

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